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Facts About Plasma Cutting

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Plasma cutting is being used for metal processing for the past 50 years and offers numerous advantages over other cutting methods. New technology compels people to build notions about itself and same is true for plasma cutting also. Because of its operating procedure, which seems very complicated and expensive people have many notions regarding the usability of this process. In order to clear out these misconceptions many engineering colleges and schools have classes and workshops on sheet metal operation in which they are taught about the technique of metal cutting using plasma cutters.

Here are some of the facts related to plasma cutting:

Plasma cutting is inexpensive

Although Plasma cutters are higher priced than other cutting tools, but there is a difference in price and cost. Plasma cutters offer fast cutting speeds and superior cut quality which helps in delivering productivity gains saving time and money for operators taking the cost of production to relatively lesser values. Work piece does not require any pre-heating which saves time and resources. Moreover most handheld plasma cutters run on compressed air, it eliminates costly cylinder rentals and delivery charges.

Plasma is not only for thin materials —this was the case about 20 years ago, because some of the earlier handheld plasma cutters failed to meet operators’ expectations for performance on thick materials.But, with the advancement of plasma technology, this notion has become outdated. Indeed, changes in the design of torches, nozzles, consumables, and power have allowed plasma engineers to come up with systems that provide better cutting power and thicker penetration capacity with the fact that the size of the cutters have shrunk and the duty cycles have increased.

Plasma is easy to use — although the underlying technology of a plasma cutter may seem a bit complicated, but using today’s advanced plasma cutters is very easy. Someone who’s operating the plasma cutter for the first-time can achieve superior quality results. The cutters are safe also which people think otherwise. With latest air plasma cutters from, there are no gases which have to be regulated, and with added features like nozzle shielding, operator does not need to hold a standoff making cutting easier because the operator can drag the torch directly along the surface of the work piece. The torch handles which are designed ergonomically and quick-connect torch further enhance the ease of use of plasma cutters.

Plasma is not for cutting only — Plasma cutters are highly versatile in nature. Plasma systems can be used to cut, pierce and bevel metals of all types, shapes, and sizes which are electrically conductive. Beyond cutting, some plasma cutters are very good gouging tools also. Plasma cutters are considered to be better gouging tools because of less smoke and less noise they produce.

Plasma cutting can used for materials other than steel — many plasma cutter users buy their first plasma system to work on stainless steel oriron. Many people believe that plasma cutters can only be used on steels and other ferrous materials only.Although plasma cutting technology is more effective for conductive materials but plasma cutters are also used for cutting painted or even dusted sections. It can also be used to cut aluminium and many other non-ferrous metals also. This makes plasma cutters an indispensable tool for maintenance purposes like repair of heavy equipment, restoration of automotive parts and many other different tasks.

Plasma has immense usability in the field — Plasma cutters need power and a gas source to operate, for the production of plasma implying that plasma cutters can only be used in a production facility, where there is fixed availability of power source and air. But, because of the incorporation of technology, latest plasma cutters enable them to deliver maximum and full performance while running on generators which are coupled with a fair sized portable air compressor. Apart from this, the small size and the light weight of the portable plasma cutters make it easy to transport them. Another big advantage of plasma cutters is that no flammable gases need to be transported as you only have to take the assembly which runs on compressed air. So, the risk of transporting flammable gases is averted.